The secret of the Acosmic Man 


The One-Man is the eternal Acosmic Phallus of light-energy of pure Consciousness which rises from the igneous Heart of the primordial universe to infinity.

The Supreme One eternally loves and fecundates Himself in the Acosmic Man to give birth to the immortal Life of light-energy of pure Consciousness which forms the Transfigured Universe.

The Acosmic One-Man transfigures into the secret depths of men's hearts all the souls who love Him faithfully and ignites those whom He desires to become like Himself, light-energy of pure Consciousness.

The energy of pure Consciousness, the absolute Essence of the Supreme One forms the single atomic Star in the infinite which makes the New Universe without men's knowing. 



 Carnal and spiritual felicity

of the eternal Acosmic One-Man

 in his phallic Body of light-energy of pure Consciousness.



Nothing remains in the deep silence of the solitude

but the Supreme One of pure Consciousness energy,

the Lone, the infinitely Lone.



De Laudibus sanctae Crucis, Raban Maur. The Acosmic Man.
De Laudibus sanctae Crucis, Raban Maur. The Acosmic Man.